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  • 17.05.2016

    Crushing and screening plant on the basis of a series of NW Rapid installations

    NW Rapid

    Crushing and screening plant on the basis of a series of installations NW Rapid - a revolutionary solution company Metso, which is gaining popularity among manufacturers of non-metallic materials
    . Mobile plant on the basis of a series of installations NW Rapid company Metso - the first and only crushing and screening plant on wheels that will fit into standard containers of 40 feet (12 meters). Installation and start-up of mobile plant in less than 12 hours. The complex is able to increase productivity by 30%, providing a long service life, safety and ease of use.
    In the face of fierce competition in the market of non-metallic materials, customers increasingly are looking for more cost-effective ways to increase productivity and reduce cost of operations. Crushing and screening plant on the basis of a series of installations NW Rapid, represented by the market a year ago, it brings a new level of flexibility in production operations. In comparison with the previous developments, the new plant concept helps manufacturers of non-metallic materials to make more profit with frequent changes of working platforms, even for small contracts. So, it is a high performance installations NW Rapid series has become one of the decisive factors in the selection of new plant of the Indian company M / s M G Contractors Pvt Ltd.
    "New installations of series NW Rapid Metso's ideal for the growing demand for environmentally friendly, mobile and cost-effective solutions Considering available on the market offers, we realized that the installation of a series of NW Rapid -. This is a breakthrough in terms of use and quality of opportunities Among other things, concept. the plant is based on a good reputation Metso brand and your company's service standards with the acquisition of the complex, we are confident that our production efficiency will increase by 30% compared to the traditional solution 12 hours for installation -.. it's amazing, "- says Judith Mittal, director of the company M / s MG Contractors Pvt Ltd. Unique design for the development of high levels of productivity and efficiency
    Installation and start-up of mobile crushing and screening plant usually takes at least a week, often requiring further preparatory work such as pouring the foundation and construction of the work area. Furthermore, it can be complicated equipment transportation. Mobile plant on the basis of Metso's NW series of installations - this is the first and only example on the market of crushing and sorting complex on wheels that will fit into standard containers of 40 feet (12 meters), which contributes to the rapid transportation between sites water, rail or road . Hydraulic system supports the hopper walls and hoist screen easier installation and removal of the complex.
    "Reducing the cost of production - the result of a simple and easy installation of the complex, and this is particularly necessary for customers in emerging markets is important for them to quickly move production to where under construction." - Says Julius Makela, Manager NW Series portable plant company Metso.
    For various production tasks NW Rapid series units range includes mobile jaw and cone crushers, as well as drum machines with vertical or horizontal shaft. Developed by experts Metso solution will help customers set up a multi-step process of crushing and screening to obtain a high-quality final product, including the production of crushed stone. Loading installations NW Rapid series available excavator, loader or dump truck. For these installations, which meet European safety standards, designed standard scheme for download to the crusher or screen with the ability to install intermediate hoppers and mobile conveyors.
    Basically, increased productivity is achieved thanks to a powerful cone crusher and Nordberg GP220 chetyrehdechnomu new screen with double tilt angle Series DS, providing high quality screening. The entire production process can be fine-tuned with the help of automation.
    "The new automation system Metso IC50C integrally formed between the first and second stages of crushing and screening The entire process, including mobile conveyors, can be started and stopped by pressing a single button, making the daily operation safe and easy." - Says Julius Makela.

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  • 30.04.2016 г

    20th International Exhibition of technologies and equipment for the mining and mineral processing MiningWorld Russia.

    From 26 to 28 April 2016 in Moscow, IEC "Crocus Expo" held the 20-th International Exhibition of technologies and equipment for the mining and mineral processing MiningWorld Russia.
    Participation in Mining World Russia 2016 exhibition was attended by about 300 representatives of the mining industry and engineering companies from 27 countries, including the Corporation "Metso". The exhibition was shown to the latest equipment and technology exploration, extraction, processing and enrichment of minerals. Also presented building technologies in mining, laboratory equipment, spare parts and components for mining machines, technologies for environmental protection.

  • 6.04.2016 г.

    Wear scrapers Metso is less than 1% in 300 hours of industrial test.

    Wear scrapers Metso is less than 1% in 300 hours of industrial test.
    In February, industrial tests were successfully completed cleaning the Metso Trellex system installed on a conveyor belt plant JSC "Mikhailovcement" Holding "Eurocement Group". According to the results of tests marked by high efficiency cleaning tape based Tranport sticky material at ambient temperatures up to 30C.
    In 2014, "Eurocement Group" Holding signed three contracts with the leading design institute in China - the company Sinoma International Engineering Company. As part of the contracts implemented a major program of modernization of the Holding Company, including the construction of "Mikhailovcement" Plant (Ryazan region) with a dry mode of production. Initially, the construction project involves the installation of a heating system with scrapers for cleaning the conveyor belt. However, this technology involves regular maintenance, which significantly increases the operating costs of the enterprise. Drawing on the experience gained from the production sites around the world, the Metso company's specialists offer efficient alternative solution - polyurethane scrapers for cleaning the conveyor belt without heating system. As a result, in December last year on the conveyor belt, crushing and separating prep "Mikhailovcement" factory installed squeeks coarse and fine cleaning Trellex.
    "If we take as a basis the price of Portland cement CEM I 42,5H to 3900rubley per tonne, it becomes clear the constant aspiration of the companies to return spills in the production process. Metso's decision is not only effective, but also will save operating costs "Mikhailovcement" low level ", - says Vladislav Bogantsev, Sales Manager of Metso.
    "We picked up a scraper whose blade is cast from a wear-resistant and durable polyurethane - at the expense of the blades evenly scraped material from the entire tape surface. In addition, simplified design structure accelerates the procedure for replacing the blades and reduces the time for service "- continues Vladislav Bogantsev
    . After 300 hours of continuous industrial tests of coarse wear TRELLEX ABC70 HD scraper and scraper Hepa TRELLEX ABC-T-HMS PU was less than 1%. In addition to the overall effectiveness of treatment was a high reliability solutions are used for operation in harsh environments. Metso decision demonstrated the possibility of using the belt cleaning system without additional heating while maintaining the quality of work, thereby ensuring minimal expenses for service and related consumables.

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